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Referral Program

At the Westfield Veterinary Hospital (WVH) we reward our clients for loyalty and for referring others who could benefit from our level of service. We know you are our strongest commodity and that your recommendations mean more to friends and acquaintances than any advertisement we can produce.

All new Westfield clients are asked to fill out an information sheet that includes the question “How did you hear about our hospital?” If a new client lists you as having referred them, you will receive the following:

  • Referrals 1-5 $5.00 coupon for any WVH service
  • Referrals 6-10 $10.00 coupon for any WVH inventory item
  • Referrals 11-14 $15.00 coupon for any WVH service
  • Referral 15 10% off all services for life at WVH
  • Referral 20 10% off all inventory and services for life at WVH

This means that if you refer just 20 clients to our hospital, you will receive a total of $135 in coupons, PLUS 10% off services and inventory for life!

Your business is important to us!