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Gastroenteritis in Pets

Lengthy bouts of vomiting and diarrhea can be a sign that your pet has gastroenteritis, a common condition that occurs when the lining of the stomach and intestines becomes irritated.… Read more

Get Down With Your Dog

Each year fifteen million Americans engage in the practice of yoga. Many of the same Americans own some of the over seventy-three million dogs owned in the United States. If… Read more

Blue Tongued Skinks

Blue tongued skinks are quite and gentle, and quite easily tamed and handled. It is reported that even wild blue tongued skinks will sometimes allow themselves to be picked up… Read more

White House Pets

A surprising issue that has arisen in the American political arena is not foreign policy, but rather which breed of dog the Obama's chose to join their family in the… Read more

Video Games and Your Pet

Does your pet want to play video games, too? People aren't the only ones playing video games these days. Plenty of dogs and cats are spending hours catching virtual fish… Read more

What Is a Spay?

Everyone knows they should have their females dogs and cats spayed, but what exactly does that mean? The word "spay" is thought to originate from the Old French espeer meaning… Read more

Evaluation and Diagnosis of a Red Eye in Dogs

Dogs occasionally develop a red eye. The redness may be in the white of the eye, in the clear part of the eye called the cornea, or within the eyeball.… Read more

You & Your Vet

Your veterinarian will rely on your awareness of small changes in your pet's behavior or habits. As the pet owner you must communicate your pet's health care needs to your… Read more

Cat Backpacks: The New Trend in Feline Transportation

Why are Cat Backpacks All the Rage? Thanks to specially designed backpacks, cat carriers are no longer the only pet transport option. Cat backpacks just may make trips more pleasant… Read more

Should You Declaw Your Cat?

How Declawing Affects Your Cat When the urge to scratch strikes, your cat doesn't wait to find a surface you find acceptable. As far as your furry friend is concerned,… Read more

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